Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a while . . .

It has been a long time from my last post, but I have found new motivation: Both of my children are now off to school. My oldest boy started 1st grade this year and my little one has started (and loves) kindergarden.

Anyway, here are some awsome tips to make life easier for parents like us:

The Indoor Snowball fight. Anytime is a great time for a snowball fight! Hate getting out in the cold or you just don't have any snow around? Just use cushions from the couch or the furniture itself for a fort or two and throw socks as snowballs. My little ones love this!

TIP : Need to remove an oder on furniture, but the store products either don't work very well or just are to pricey to buy? Just sprinkle baking soda on your cloth furniture, let set about 10 minutes and vacuum away.